Life is too important to be taken seriously” - Oscar Wilde


An interstate collision of musical forces.

 A collective band of two best mates who have been through a lot together, and rediscovered the joy of making music.

Graham and James spent their high school years in Sydney, and first met in music class, where Graham majored in performance / percussion, and James in composition. 

Together they went on road trips after school, journeying across outback Australia, and camping along pristine coastlines, meeting people from all walks of life, learning important lessons about friendship, adventure, and freedom. 

They stayed in touch, but went their separate ways and eventually landed in different states. But in late 2018 they reconnected, having gone through some hard life experiences.

Their musical collaboration was born after a chance discussion during a camping trip in remote South Australia in 2021. And before long, they were collaborating on original songs, and putting everything in place in order to record their own music.

The boys debut EP Resilience was released in July 2022 and received awesome feedback from family, friends and new fans. No-one could really pin their genre down, but it has been referred to as indie rock and folk rock, combining influences from Aussie storytellers like Paul Kelly and Powderfinger, and passing comparisons to Crowded House.

There were no expectations, but the songs had a spark, and resonated, and it has continued to inspire them to create new work. 

The boys love making music, and are continuing to push themselves to explore their authentic rock storytelling sound, and create songs that inspire themselves and others.