Collidastate's latest release is a heartfelt masterpiece, weaving beautiful clean, chimey guitars and mesmerizing vocal harmonies. Immaculately produced and performed, it captures the delicate nuances of an outsider's perspective on loss, reminiscent of the softer sides of The Shins and Teenage Fanclub. A poignant musical journey that resonates deeply.”

— Wayne Coulson, UK-based producer and mixing engineer

‘Out of Time’ brings to mind a mix of quintessential Australian storytelling and contemporary rock, with some Paul Kelly-isms and a healthy dose of Powderfinger shining through. The modern-folkish guitars, clean Fender lead lines sit just under the vocal melody, simple, unobtrusive-but-smooth bass lines, and drums that shift and meld to support the melody, more than just be a backbone; it’s all there. ”

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Out of Time


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Bonus file included in download - original handwritten lyrics

Out of Time is a song about friendship and sticking together when everything seems to fall apart. We hope it will soothe your soul on long road trips with mates - 'the soundtrack to a bleary-eyed dawn surf check' (The Point Music News, June 2022).

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Authentic storytelling, strong contemporary rock.” - The Point Music News

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